[SCA-Dance] Gioioso in Tre (was SCAd-Dance Delving into the Trihory)

White,John john.white at drexel.edu
Thu Feb 14 21:16:55 EST 2013

From: Aaron Macks [upelluri at gmail.com]

Oh, that reminds me, does anyone have a reconstruction of Gioioso in Tre
that they like?  I've got some raw translations that I keep meaning to
work into something more useful, and was wondering what other people
thought of the dance



The reconstruction on my website is partly the way I learned it from Wilhelm and Conandil,
and partly from Smith's book.  It has great symmetry and floor pattern, and really extends
the 2-person dance into a 3-person configuration (instead of, say, using the same music for
a totally different dance).


           \\Dafydd C

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