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you're thinking of
"The Art of Courtly Dancing in Transition: Nurnberg, Germ. Nat. Mus. MS.
8842, a Hitherto Unknown German Source." In Crossroads of Medieval
Civilization: The City of Regensburg and Its Intellectual Milieu, eds.
Edelgard E. Dubruck and Karl Heinz Goller. Michigan : Michigan
Consortium for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 1984.

I think

On 2/14/13 7:33 PM, Mary Railing wrote:
> The Nurnberg manuscript is in Volume II of A. William Smith, Fifteenth Century Dance and Music: Twelve Transcribed Italian Treatises and Collections in the Tradition of Domenico da Piacenza. It appears there as Appendix 2, charted on a grid showing parallel texts in German and English, which is the way Smith laid out all the dances in this work, rather than as a straight-forward transcription. A facsimile and transcription (by Ingrid Brainhard?) also appeared in a journal article somewhere, years before Smith's book, but I don't have a citation.
> --Urraca
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