[SCA-Dance] Stefan and Evelynne's wedding

Stephen Kiefert lanhamlaw at att.net
Sun Aug 25 04:12:02 EDT 2013

It has been a while since we saw some of you and handed out the save 
the date notes and/or invitations so here is the text of the actual invitation as a followup, minus the 
fancy font. 
You are all still invited.  We want everyone to feel welcome but realize many of you live far away.  It will be like a weekend camping event.  At this point we need to 
get a better idea of how many are coming for food ordering so we need to
 hear from those coming (or probably or possibly coming) by Labor Day.  
You can reply on the Web site, by email, by mail, or by phone.  The Cook is getting nervous and we want to have enough food. 

See the website mywedding.com/ritajaneandstephen for more info

Stefan and Evelynne

  You are cordially invited to the wedding of 

Rita   Jane   Leasure
Evelynne Merrymet


Stephen   Herbert   Kiefert
Stefan of Cambion

    Thursday October 3rd thru Sunday October 6th, 2013 
    Viking engagement ceremony Friday October 4th 3 PM 
  Pagan wedding ceremony will be Saturday October 5th 3 PM

    Common Ground Community
     Lexington, Virginia

    This will be a weekend mostly camping event, but there are lots of hotels and B&Bs in town.

  Breakfasts and main dish for evening meals, both meat and vegetarian 
will be provided.  Lunch will be soup and sandwich fixings.  Please 
bring pot luck side dishes eveningsActivities: 
    There will be 
bachelor and bachelorette parties Friday night.  There will be an open 
bar with the Bride’s Cordials and a keg of local beer each evening.  
Bring your own brews to add to that.  The bar will be tended or closed. 
 We want to be kid friendly.

    There will be jam 
sessions all weekend.  We have a large fire circle and a pavilion for
 dancing with a stage.  Both will accommodate over a hundred folks.  
Bring your instruments, your stories and poems and songs for sharing.  
Much of the dancing will be Renaissance, we will teach.  

    Volunteers will be sought and appreciated throughout the weekend.

  The cook would like to know how many we will be feeding and when.  
Please let us know that you are coming, with how many others, and 
approximate time of arrival. You can do that on the Web site, by email, 
by mail, or by phone.

    More Information
    We have a web 
site which will be updated periodically.  Directions, gift lists, 
schedules, photos, accommodations lists, volunteer opportunities, etc., 
will all appear with time.  Contact us at (540) 463-4042 or email lanhamlaw at att.net 


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