[SCA-Dance] La Volta at the Madison Early Music Festival

Peter Durham (Trahaearn ap Ieuan) trahaearn at live.com
Tue Aug 20 13:14:29 EDT 2013

>>> Finally got to watch the video--waitaminute, is that Trahearn?
>>> What was he doing in Madison?
>> Um, La Volta?
> No, it wasn't a trick question, just morbid curiosity :->  (He wasn't
listed as Faculty, and he wouldn't 
> have had to travel all the way to Madison to study with MEMF's early dance
teacher, who is from Seattle....)

Yup, that's me! Anna Mansbridge of Seattle Early Dance was the MEMF dance
teacher. I'm one of her regular students; for Madison, I was her performance
partner and classroom shill.
- Trahaearn

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