[SCA-Dance] Timing of the seguito spezzato in Il Ballarino

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Remember that each step begins on the upbeat so that the foot *lands* on the first beat. That means that after the first spezzato, the trailing foot is already coming forward at the end of the previous measure (beat 6, if you are counting two triple beats as 1-6). So although it is possible to do *one* spezzato with the heel of the leading foot not coming down until beat 6, a series of spezzati requires one to anticipate the beat by bringing the trailing foot up to the leading foot on beat 3, rising, and lowering the body and the heel of the leading foot on beat 4. In theory, one could postpone the lowering until beat 5, but cascarda music tends to accent beats 1,3,4,6.


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Something that was on my mind sometimes while at Pennsic is the
question of whether we're doing any close approximation of the seguito
spezzato. You see, the way I read Il Ballarino (the source of many of
our dances with this seguito in them), the actions match the beats as

Beat 1: Step on left foot.

Beginning of beat 2: Place right foot by left heel and raise both
heels and the body.

Ending of beat 2: Body and left heel come down again.

And on beat 3, one begins the second seguito spezzato.

So my understanding is that if you were to count this as six quick
beats (with stress on 1 and 4), the right foot would be placed on 4,
and one would come down onto the full left foot on 6. That doesn't
seem to be how we usually do it. Is there some evidence against this

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