[SCA-Dance] Call for Teachers II, A Little Song, A Little Dance in Thescorre

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We still have spots open for teachers at A Little Song, A Little Dance! If you have a class you'd like to try, dust off, or want to teach even more people that cool new dance you learned at Pennsic, it would be welcome! 

Classes will run in 50 minute periods from 10 until 3:50. Then we'll have a Ball featuring dances from the day.

Please contact me if you would like to teach or if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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Hello everyone,

The Barony of Thescorre (Rochester, NY) is hosting a bardic and dance event on Saturday Oct. 27 called "A Little Song, A Little Dance." The event announcement is below for those who haven't seen it already. Master Fridrikr is the autocrat and is coordinating the bardic track; I am coordinating the dance track. If you're interested in teaching a class, we'd love it! Please contact me with your name and the title and description of your class. 

I can offer limited crash space for Friday night. 

The OT part, not sanctioned by Fridrikr :) : our local modern English Country dance group is having a fund-raiser Masquerade Ball that evening. You are welcome to join me there after the event! The tentative time is 6:30-10:00 and the tentative cost is $20; I will post the information for the Masquerade Ball when it becomes available. 

So you can come to Thescorre, enjoy the fall foliage along the way, teach a class, take dance classes the rest of the day, and partake of yummy dishes prepared by the cooks of the Barony, who have a reputation second to none. As an added non-SCAdian bonus you can dance the evening away too if you like! (If you're going to come to the Ball I can offer crash space for Saturday too - )

In Service,

The Barony of Thescorre invites one and all to "A Little Song … A Little 
Dance" on October 27, 2012, at the United Methodist Church of North Chili, 2220 
Westside Drive, Rochester, NY, 14624.

This event is a day of classes on bardic and dance, as well as opportunity to interact 
and "jam" with bards and dancers from AEthelmearc and several other kingdoms! 
The cost for the event is $10 ($5 for those between 5 and 17; those under 5 are admitted 
free of charge). The NMS fee ($5) will be collected.

The site is dry and smoke-free. The site will open at 9 AM and close at 6 PM. Classes and 
other activities will commence at 10 AM.

There will be an all-day side-board prepared by the cooks of Thescorre. Please contact 
the autocrat for details.

The autocrat for this event and bardic track coordinator is Baron Fridrikr Tomasson (fridr
ikr at thescorre.org). The dance track coordinator is Baroness Peregrine of Thescorre (peregr
ine.LP at Juno.com). The tollner is Baroness Orianna Fridrikskona (Orilee Ireland-Delfs, 731 
South Main Street, Newark, NY 14513). Checks should be made out to "SCA, NY, Inc - 
Barony of Thescorre). Pre-registration is gratefully appreciated.

United Methodist Church of North Chili
2200 Buffalo Rd.  at Westside Drive

Take your best route to I-490 (generally the NYS Thruway to Exit 45 from the east or Exit 
47 from the west; from the south, Exit 46 to I-390 North to I-490 West)
Take  Exit 5 off of Rte. 490, North on Rte 386 to Westside Dr. (Note: Rte 386 going North 
goes straight to a T intersection and also curves off to the right. GO STRAIGHT to the 
Turn Left onto Westside Dr.
Cross the train tracks, go about 1 mile to an X intersection at Buffalo Rd.
At this light go across the intersection to the Church on the Right (first driveway). 
Drive in and go about 2/3rds of the way down the parking lot at the back of the Church.
Be aware that there is a Farmers Market in the morning.

These are in the on-line event announcement (at http://aethelmearc.org/eventinfo.php?event
=786 or at http://www.thescorre.org/calendar/index.htm#events)

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