[SCA-Dance] Dance music in Assassin's Creed?

White,John white at drexel.edu
Thu Mar 22 13:31:25 EDT 2012

> From:  Mary Railing
> I'm no gamer, but my husband showed me a dance scene in Assassin's Creed
> to ask if it was period. If I recall correctly, it was a group of couples taking right
> hands and circling clockwise, then taking left hands and circling counter-
> clockwise-- nothing wrong with that, as far as it went, and a suitable
> background to the real action, but not very useful for a real dance.
I played the game (and the follow up in Rome, and the final one with that character
in Constantinople), and would agree about the dancing.  Which was pretty frustrating,
having much of the action right in the middle of northern Italy in the late 1400s, but
not having any real dancing!  They went to a lot of trouble getting the detail in the
cities and towns in place, and including lots of facts and real people and all, but they
just couldn't extend that to a little proper dancing ...

> --Urraca

The music overall is very nice, though ... and there's a soundtrack available for a lot
less than the game (plus the console to play it on if you don't already have one), if
you just want to give it a listen ...

              \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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