[SCA-Dance] Interpreting the last chorus of "Cuckolds All A Row"

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 14:31:31 EDT 2012


Interesting reading, though you're right that diagrams certainly help.

Ok, so I'm no expert on this, and thus will yield to those who've
reconstructed more Playford dances, but just wanted to brainstorm / ask a
question or two, as I have also done this dance quite a few of the
different variations mentioned.

Ok, so in chorus #2, I'm curious to know whether "then the 2 men shall
change places, the woemen also allmost at the same time", so does this mean
that they would be moving at the same time?  Or could it just "seem" like
almost the same time, because they are only 4 beats separated, versus many
movements we make that are separated by 8 beats?  I could be completely
wrong here, as I know that other dances do have 4 beat figures and such,
but just wondering.

Mainly I'm wondering, because yes, the way I read the next part to me
sounds like only half a turn, not a full turn.  "then joyne all hands, and
goe round, till you come to your places"  I don't know, could go either
way.  I do know that, being lazy, and with beginners, I often chop this
part to only half a turn anyway.  Though it helps a bit if we are supposed
to be reversing the turn direction, for dizzyness anyway  (though still
brisk on time, if one takes 8 beats total for the two switches).

Oh, and just wanted to mention that for chorus #3, I am not sure if
Gwommy's area are still doing it as in the video we saw.  I know quite a
few of us are doing the poussette type thing, where you end up with M1 in
his partner's original position, so everyone improper, but on their own
sides relative to the other couple.  And I know the way I've been doing it,
the lord pushes both times, though some of what was being discussed to me
sounded like perhaps the lord should push and pull the first portion, and
pull and push the second half?

Please excuse that I haven't had a chance to put to paper the instructions
Dafydd just mentioned, so I can't comment on it, and I may just be saying
something redundant, or incorrect.

Oh, though I know that Dafydd mentioned to me once upon a time, regarding
chorus #1, that I believe at that time he saw it as:
4 beats - everyone half turns in place to face away from their opposite
4 beats - everyone reverses their turn to face their opposite again
8 beats - do-si-do your opposite
and then I think you do the same sequence with your partner

I apologize if I am remembering incorrectly, or if this info has changed
since then.  I just figured I'd put it out there. It was interesting that
basically it was that the part stating "goe about the Co. We. not turning
your faces", I believe he was suggesting would be the do-si-do, whereas we
had been doing that part as the gypsy.  (depends if you read it as not
turning your faces from each other's faces (gypsy), or not turning your
faces at all as you go around the person (do-si-do))

Anyway, back to work for me!  No time to reconstruct dances this afternoon.


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