[SCA-Dance] English dance weekend in Hamilton, Ontario, July 20 & 21

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  Subject: English dance weekend in Hamilton, Ontario, July 20 & 21 Date: Tue,
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English Infusion
<tara at tarabolker.com><mhtml:{3B5147F3-E741-4759-A618-038741C44F99}mid://00000339/!x-usc:mailto:tara@tarabolker.com>

   This very special event is coming up soon and you may already have
registered, but please pass it on to anyone else who may be interested in
joining us for:

English Infusion Dance Weekend
Hamilton, Ontario, July 20 & 21, 2012

Robin Hayden from Amherst Massachusetts calling
with The New Vagaries of Southern Ontario
(Ben Bolker, fiddle - Rick Avery, piano - plus musical guests)

Friday night English dance, ECD workshops all day Saturday, Saturday night
English dance
beautiful air conditioned hall with a great wood floor and lots of natural
(and, yes, we've now got the ac situation worked out after last year's heat

This is the same weekend as the Toronto Country Dancers' Island

an all-day contra dance on Sunday, July 23, 3-9:30 on Algonquin Island

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