[SCA-Dance] Master Class?

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 01:45:30 EDT 2012

Hi again!

Ok, one other quick item.  I guess the actual term "Master Class" has some
potential meaning, in some circles.

In particular, at the recent Music event, St. Cecilia at the Tower, they
had such a class.

People like Aaron and Jadwiga can explain it better (and I missed it for a
different class at the time, that I think actually wasn't booked against,
but just ran over time), but basically two groups came with specifically
Prepared pieces of music, which they performed, and then were critiqued by
experts and laurels and such.

So that one definitely included a component of practicing beforehand, to
get the most out of the class, and then the commentary was used as good
feedback, to work on achieving a higher level of quality in their work /
playing / research.

So there you go, just brainstorming other possibilities.  :)


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