[SCA-Dance] KWDS 2013

Margrett Norwoode mistressmargrett at ameritech.net
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It's a long way off right so things may change between now and then but it 
sounds way too expensive for this Chicago girl between airfare, housing, 
shuttles, upscale neighborhood, etc. Plus life gets difficult when you don't 
have a car and have to depend on others for local transportation in an area that 
is not large, urban and replete with public transport options. Columbus was all 
those things and yet the taxi back to the hotel less than three miles away (so I 
could get the music CDs for my class) was still $20 round trip. I know that's 
not THAT expensive (remember, I'm from Chicago, so I know what it could be) but 
if you start adding those up in quantity, they could cost more than the airfare 
to go back and forth between airport & hotel, hotel & site, site & food, etc.

I do not think I will be able to attend next year. 

Kerri-Ellen a/k/a Lady Margrett Norwoode

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Yeah it's expensive because it's a small town. Don't forget that you'd have
to get a shuttle to get to Saratoga.

Definitely if we spend the money to go there, take the time to explore
Saratoga Springs, I've heard lots of good things about it. Seems like a
place where rich people like to vacation.


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