[SCA-Dance] Master class

Sarah Kaiser sarahkaiserstl at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 13:28:14 EDT 2012

I would teach and have taught long form classes at KWDS, Saltare and
Lilies war and other events where a concentration of mid to advanced
level dancers might enjoy them. I'd do it again. I think there are a
lot of things we just can't cover or hone in an hour or even in a day.
We really sell ourselves short sometimes with our all commers, short
form class style and could really push ourselves and this artform a
lot farther with more in depth classes similar to those taught across
other forms and styles.
The short version of this is -yay, I'm all for intensives! KWDS is
just the place to raise the collective bar.

Tzipporah (Tsire)

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