[SCA-Dance] Master Class?

Mary Railing mrailing2 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 13:07:57 EDT 2012

Unfortunately, people who were not at the meeting where this was discussed seem to have missed the point of the suggestion that we have something like a master class. As Adele stated, the reason to have it on Thursday is that it would NOT be part of the main event. In fact, it I were organizing such a thing (which I am not) I would set up the fee structure such that the Thursday workshop would be an EXTRA cost, with the main event being the classes on Friday through Sunday event that it is now. The assumption is that only a few hardcore people would show up a day early to attend a special workshop. Who that hardcore group might be would depend on who the professional instructor was. If it were John Tyson, I would not show up, but I would not feel "excluded" because I would come for the regular, three-day KWDS, as usual.

The idea was that if it is possible to have a professional teach a workshop, it is a waste to have them teach a class opposite other classes in the regular class track. Such people are more commonly hired to teach a day-long class in the mundane world. Something as intense as a day-long or half-day long workshop would wipe out people's chance to take the usual variety of classes the KWDS offers, so putting it on an "extra" day would be fairer to both teachers and students.

This was only a suggestion, and it would depend on finding a pro for whom this structure would make sense. It would not make sense as an extra day of "advanced" classes taught by the usual list of SCA people.


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