[SCA-Dance] [SCA-dance] Notes from the Future of KWDS meeting

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 02:36:28 EDT 2012

So, yes, as Adele said, I think that the first main objective would just be
to not have competing classes, so that we could all be there to learn from
guest teachers and each other.

>From there, how much different would they be from traditional classes?
 Probably not much.  I think that they thus would fall in the reasonably
advanced end of the spectrum, and though they certainly wouldn't be
restricted to only laurels or what have you, I think there would be an
expectation, at least expressed class by class / topic by topic, of a
certain level of experience, and/or a willingness to proceed at the speed
of the class.

I know it can be tough, since we don't want to exclude people.  But I have
seen classes that basically start with "if you don't know what a ripresa
is, then this class isn't for you".  i.e. at a certain level, you should
take a class that will target that level, because otherwise it will slow
down and diminish the potential of this type of class for those who need to
learn this level of detail, so they can improve their dancing / research /
teaching back in their own areas.

I would think this would mostly just recommend against it in particular for
fairly beginner dancers, and that it would vary from class to class, and
may not apply everywhere.  Either way, I'm sure it would be expressed /
publicized, so people could plan ahead  (and hey, they could even
potentially practice in the months leading up to the event to perhaps
achieve a suitable level to then participate and gain something out of the

This would be another good reason to have 1 alternate track of open dance
or something perhaps.  But we don't want to impose on others too much to
have to run something specific, lest they miss the class themselves.

This is also part of the advantage of doing it on the Thursday, so that if
someone isn't interested, or if they really don't feel they have the
background for enough of the sessions, they could go site seeing, or

Like I say, it is always tough to get the right balance in any class.  I've
observed students in my dance practice getting bored if we do Petit Vriens
every week for 9 weeks in a row, because each week 1 or 2 new attendees
come in to try it out (and don't necessarily come out frequently after
that, for whatever reason, usually just too busy).

The thing about KWDS is that it fills a few potential roles in the dance
community.  1 is certainly to bring dance knowledge and enthusiasm to a
particular area or region, which is definitely a benefit to there, and to
the society.  A second role though, is for all the dance instructors who
generally spend their year mostly teaching, to get a chance to learn, and
collaborate, and goof around, and just enjoy some really good quality
dancing!  (and to test new reconstructions as well)

I hope this makes sense, and doesn't come off as offensive or anything.  I
really don't want to create an "us and them" sort of thing.  But you could
easily see that, if there was a class on say, variations on Rostiboli
Gioioso, you would want students coming in to know the basic dance to begin
with, to get the most out of it.

And hey, if we're talking skill levels and such, I would be very interested
in taking these classes, but I don't think that I would be one of the
Teachers of this master track.  I think that it really would be something
of a handpicked selection of probably mostly laurels, and people from
academia potentially, really going through some of the areas that they've
done the most research, and likely in quite fine detail.  Much more than
just how to do a dance, but really looking at the steps, and the body
posture, and the more subtle things that would reinforce in us better
habits, and more accurate appearance.  (plus I'm sure we'd do some more
complex dances as well.  Maybe Felice's galliard variations as one of the
workshops, or as a collaboration with other galliarding experts in and out
of the SCA).

Ok, I've gone on for a bit.  Anyway, it is something we can think about and
discuss.  I've also heard ideas just of smaller dance events, but with this
sort of focus.  I just expect that we couldn't necessarily draw in people
from everywhere for such an event, but at least could get some of the
"experts" together.

Oh, and I just had one more thought to mention, if we end up doing this.  I
was just thinking that it would be kind of neat to get Homework for this,
in particular though in leading up to the event, to prepare us somewhat,
and get us all to a certain level.  So, if anyone is designing their class,
perhaps they could send out some class notes for people to read ahead of
time, and a piece of music if needed, or even do an initial class at Terp
or something like that, and then the followup at KWDS?  Just brainstorming.


On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 1:33 AM, Annikki Raiford <annikki1973 at gmail.com>wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 1:13 AM, Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:
> > On Mon, 25 Jun 2012, Darius / David Learmonth
> > <david.a.learmonth at gmail.com>
> >> 1.  I love the idea of the Master Class / Day.
> > Would you please explain what you mean?
> My take on the idea was that this would let those of us who are
> interested focus on a particularly special chance at instruction
> without other obligations or distractions.
> No "ARGH, I'm scheduled against the academic who I'd never get to
> learn from except at this event."
> Furthermore, there seemed to be overwhelming support that, if it
> happened, it would be on a Thursday so that a) we're not all
> brain-fried and exhausted, and b) we'd have a chance to process and
> practice what we learned over the weekend with others who had been in
> that class, thus increasing retention.
> Adele
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