[SCA-Dance] KWDS Websites

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 01:27:20 EDT 2012

Hello Dancers!

I just wanted to let people know that The Honourable Lord Gwommy and I are
working on a few projects.

In particular, the thought that we don't need to re-invent the wheel
necessarily every time we run a KWDS / KWDMS, at least with respect to
creating a new fancy Webpage.

For the moment, I've just updated my basic landing page, to hopefully have
a resource for KWDS info about upcoming events, and links to past ones (and
hopefully electronic copies of the class notes proceedings):


Meanwhile, we're working on something more of a template page, partially
based on websites from other classes based events, and some of the recent
KWDSes  (though Gwommy is taking it to the next level!), so that hopefully
anyone who is interested in the future will be able to use this, without
needing fancy web knowledge, and with the advantage of keeping track of
info from year to year, including a plan here to import all the info we can
find from previous years, so we can see previous classes, ball lists, etc.

Should be fun!  And hopefully useful, for those who'd like to use it!
   (also handy when putting together bids for upcoming events)

At a minimum, I do have the web address of kwds.org, and web space, so that
any future events don't have to spend the extra money on this aspect, if
they would like their site hosted here.

Anyway, just thought I would mention it.  It isn't fancy right now, but
Gwommy and I have been digging up old KWDS info, and so I just thought that
people might be amused to click through the links we have on there right
now, to see some of the pages from previous KWDSes, or what still remains
of them.  In particular, we've found an Archive of the First One from New
Orleans in 1997:


Enjoy!  And I'll see you in 2 weeks!

Yay Dancing!

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