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I find it surprising that your dancers think Gresley dances feel ECD-like. They are much more like 15th century Italian dances than like anything in the ECD repertoire. I wonder if it is just that Scadians are conditioned to believe Italian dance = scary dance. Try teaching them Eglamour (a Gresley dance whose music is on the Eschewynge Of Ydlenesse CD) and Belfiore (virtually the same dance, but from the Italian repertoire) not telling them it's an Italian dance. I'll bet that if they believe it is an English dance, they will say it's easy and fun.


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Are Sarah Scroggie and Richard Schweitzer on this list?  I think they
are Mistress Emma Dansmeyla and Master Martin Bildner.  I'll try to
send them copies if I can find their addresses again.

I took their Gresley class at Terpsichore.  (See
http://rendance.gyges.org/ for music and steps; the handout is not
there yet.)

My local dance group has been indulging me in teaching a few.  I'm
trying them because I hope that the dances feel English Countryish
enough to get some popularity -- at least more ECDish than Italian
ren or basse dance!

People have seemed OK with the ones I've tried.  I think the tunes are
attractive, including the ones that Martin composed.

I tried Grene Gynger tonight for the first time.  It was quite easy to
teach from their handout, especially because they give top-view
diagrams showing the dancers and the patterns on the floor.  I did
 it convenient to go thru the Bar column and translate to beat

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