[SCA-Dance] Documenting Argeers for an A&S competition

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Despite being published in 1651, it is not a book of new dances that were
crafted by Playford, but rather a book summarizing the the popular dances
currently in fashion.  The reason for the book is that the author had
observed so many different versions of the dances over the years that he
was compelled to codify them, and make a few pounds out of correcting the
country folk.  It certainly falls in the grey area, but the dances
referenced in the 1651 first edition, were most certainly done in 1650, and
many likely done in 1640, with diminishing returns as we inch closer to

It brings up the meta question of what is period? some say 600-1600, others
650 to 1650,

Corpora says: These activities
recreate aspects of the life and culture of the landed nobility in Europe
prior to 1600 CE

And the traditional argument about creating the 'grey area' of 1601-1650
was that even in renaissance society it toook a while for information to
permeate, and longer still before the scholars of the day recognized the
importance of new ideas and trends and though to document it.  I buy this,
anything written in 1605 will still be based on pre 1600 materials. But I
don't know when the arbitrary decision was made to extend 50 years, which
is plenty of time for new definitely post 1600 ideas and materials to
grow.  I also argue with the start limit idea, as we have many Romans and
Classical Greeks about who reenact pre CE era within the SCA.

Anyway, a few thoughts to mull over.

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 12:14 AM, Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:

> I have been tasked with writing up the docs for a performance of
> "Argeers" at the A&S competition at the upcoming baronial event.
> I see two hurdles so far:
> - how do I justify or at least discuss English Country dance dated to
>   1651 in an SCA context?
> - what's a good layout for what to consider?  It was suggested that I
>   contact Philip White, who gave a talk on this and might have an
>   example to hand.
> Dannet de Lyncoln
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