[SCA-Dance] Pennsic Ball Question

Greg Lindahl greg at blekko.com
Thu Apr 26 03:32:58 EDT 2012


We're a bit disarranged by Mistress Judith's absense -- but all is not
settled yet. If anyone wanted to host a 15c ball, that would be

-- Gregory

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 02:21:06PM -0400, D. Peters wrote:
> Greetings--
> Is there going to be a Fifteenth-Century Ball at Pennsic this year?  (I 
> haven't found any evidence of one so far, but I'm less well-connected than 
> some of you :-D)
> Thanks--
> Rufina/DP
> "Hard times require furious dancing...."
>       --Alice Walker
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