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Really sorry to hear that - we have an amazing castle for Drachenwald's 20 Year celebration, with professional live music, two balls and dance classes all throughout, not to mention the attendant pageantry and spectacle! Would be a good opportunity for people to take a vacation in Germany and hit an amazing SCA event...


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ello all,
t is with great excitement that I can officially announce
that plans are firm and going forward for next year's Knowne World 
ance and Music Symposium X in Saratoga Springs, NY
June 20-23, 2013  
The event has been approved at the local, kingdom and society levels.
to conflicts with a major city event,  KWDS date was moved to avoid 
ery high or impossible hotel prices.  Unfortunately now it conflicts 
ith drachenwald's 20th year celebration.  I'm very sorry about that.
More information including a website will be forthcoming, but I thought I'd get 
he word out.  It's official
ites are confirmed for the nighttime balls - Universal Preservation  Hall   
                                     classroom space at St Peters Parish hall
                                      dormitory space at Skidmore College 
ncluding space for late night dancing
now to get ready for OHIO
istress Deonna von Aachen, OL
vent steward,  KWDMS  X

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