[SCA-Dance] [ADMIN] List Posting Guidlines

sca-dance-owner at sca-dance.org sca-dance-owner at sca-dance.org
Mon Apr 23 09:55:48 EDT 2012

It's been recently asked:
> Is there a reason that my messages keep getting flagged 
[for moderation]

There are several spam and politeness filters in place on the list.
It might help you to know the basics of them, so here they are:

Should be posting from an address subscribed to the "real" list.
     The list has to trust you a little before it gets through.
     Non-members *can* post, but i have to read it first to make sure
     the content is sca-dance appropriate before releasing it.

Sca-dance at sca-dance.org must be the only recipient
    other recipients/lists in the TO/CC lines will bounce the
    message. use BCC or another message entirely if you want to include
    someone else.

Must not post messages in HTML or include attachments.
    Attachments are one way virus and malware spread. We don't typically
    allow them here. To be courtious to all readers of the list, HTML
    only posts are not permitted. The message must include plain text.
    html/attachements are likely to push it into the next filter--

Should not be too large:
    Extremely large messages will be moderated. typical reasons for this
    are excessive quoting (such as replying to a digest or large message
    without removing the extra-- The list preferred quoting style is
    edited inline), posting in html (which more than doubles the
    size of the message), or including attachments.
    If a message hits this filter, i look at it and determine if it's
    just "a lot of information" such as a class list. If it's
    information dense, it'll get through.
The tag "[SCA-Dance]" must appear in the Subject.
    Spambots can trivially impersonate members of the list, but they are
    unlikely to know to do this, so I get to read all the spam and you
    don't, I'm greedy that way. ;) "Initial" posts do not have it unless 
    it's added manually (HINT HINT), but as soon as the message hits the
    list, that tag is added. That means all followup messages (replies)
    will go though as long as they follow other list filters.

Hope this helps!

In Service,

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