[SCA-Dance] On Chirintana

Brian Sidlauskas bsidlauskas at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 17:40:15 EDT 2011

Hi Judith,

I should clarify that I didn't intend to imply that there's any problem 
with the length or the music, quality of the music or choreography for 
Chirintana . . . Gaita's recording is in fact of very high musical 
quality and the steps fit just fine.  I was just making the observation 
that some dancers seems to have trouble hearing how the steps fit the 
music, particularly with respect to the continenze. I think the issue is 
that some people tend to internalize the step grouping as one double 
followed by three contineze once the sequence begins to repeat. That 
conceptual step grouping is of course not aligned with the musical phrases.

Once the heys begin, I generally see many fewer confused looks.

In any case, it is a delightful dance and one that I do teach from time 
to time.

-- Galeran

On 3/24/11 8:03 PM, Rachel/Judith wrote:
> Salvete! My reconstruction of Chirintana (which is the one in the Terp book, as far as I know) fits to the music written by and recorded on Gaita's Whatsoever Ye Wyll album:
> http://www.gaita.co.uk/music_cds.html
>       The first section of the music was specifically written to perfectly fit the choreography in the dance (2 Continenze (Left,Right), 1 Double, and 1 Continenza Right, repeated as long as the music continues in that vein).
> Judith

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