[SCA-Dance] La Chirintana music?

Brian Sidlauskas bsidlauskas at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 20:33:55 EDT 2011


Hello from An Tir!  I've been using the recording on Gaita's album 
"Whatsoever ye wyll.'  It is quite musical and works well enough, though 
some dancers seem to have trouble fitting the steps to the music in the 
first section of the dance. Once the heys begin, no problem whatsoever.


-- Galeran Chanterel

On 3/23/11 5:28 PM, David Learmonth wrote:
> You should reply on list.  :)  I'm also curious what cd / music we should
> use for it.  It is a dance I've been meaning to learn / teach more.
> Darius
>>> Master Philip White, or anyone else: do you have a recording of
>>> La Chirintana?  I danced it at Terpsichore at the Tower this last
>>> weekend and I am with child to teach it here.
>>> Daniel Lincolia
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