[SCA-Dance] Lightly Love - A Suggestion - hand kissing

Niki janeeve2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 23 11:49:58 EDT 2011

For those who have suggested hand kissing, allow me to say that I teach an 
entire section on how to properly do this, in my Modern Rules for Renaissance 
Dance class.

Hand kissing is something that not every one feels comfortable with and not 
everyone knows how to do.  

In todays day and age where we know *so much* about germs and disease, some 
people don't want to aid in the spread of germs.  (Especially since I have, and 
I know many people here have, had the experience of being slobbered on.) The 
kisser kissing their own thumb is a good idea, in this case.  Or, air kisses, or 
not kissing at all.  Really it depends on each person's comfort levels.  Which 
is why, I suggest asking before hand. (no pun intended)

Lady Jane

*Becoming a good violinist is 6% skill and 94% not getting distracted by the 

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