[SCA-Dance] Lightly Love - A suggestion

Niki janeeve2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 15:26:12 EDT 2011

Hi All,

For those of you not aleady aware, there is a 'new' dance called Lightly Love 
(from the Lovelace source) - and those of us who danced it at the recent 
Northpass Dance event are certain that it's going to be all the rage at KWDS, 
Pennsic, and many events going forward. 

As most of you know, I teach a class called 'Modern Rules for Renaissance 
Dance', which used to be titled, "How not to be Weird, Rude, or Creepy".   I 
have included some thoughts that I had about this dance in my class.  However, I 
think it would be most appropriate for me to let you all in on my thoughts, 
before the upcoming events.

In Lightly Love, man one and man three vie for the attentions of lady three.  As 
part of the showing off shtick there is a lot of sets and turns and some turning 
the lady around.  There is also a part where man one gets to kiss lady three, 
and man three also gets the opportunity to kiss the lady the same way.  Then, 
there is a progression and the lady switches partners.  (As I recall, it was 
becoming known as the English Gelosia.)
(Dafydd could you please let us know the exact verbiage?)

I was lucky enough to be able to dance in a set with three men that I knew (Lord 
Dafydd, Master Justin, and Lord James Thomas), and as we tend to do - we hammed 
it up.  It was hysterical and a TON of fun.  

My concern comes in regards to the lady who is not comfortable with or who 
doesn't know anyone but her partner, or less - and is someone who is pulled into 
the dance and doesn't know anyone.  Simply put, if lady three is comfortable 
with one man, but doesn't know or doesn't like the other, this can put her in a 
*really* awkward position. 

To my way of thinking the men, or at least those who know the dance, have a 
responsibility to make sure that lady three is comfortable with kissing/being 
kissed by both men.  

Therefore, I am making the following suggestions in my class, and I am 
interested in hearing other points of view. 

Do: Ask the women before-hand what kind of kissing they are comfortable with.  
When in doublt, lean to the side of caution, and stick with kissing the hair or 
air kisses. 

  - Men: Be offended if the woman doesn't want to be kissed by either or both of 
the men involved.  Don't force her to kiss or be kissed if she does not want to 

  - Women: Don't feel pressure to kiss or be kissed, and gently but firmly let 
those in your set know about your level of comfort with the kissing. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at Pennsic!

Lady Jane Milford
*Becoming a good violinist is 6% skill and 94% not getting distracted by the 

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