[SCA-Dance] KWDS update

Mary Railing mrailing2 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 2 13:24:08 EDT 2011

We're one month away from Known World Dance. The hotel room block has been 
released, but it is still possible to book rooms. (I doubt the hotel will fill 
up.) There is also the option of dorm rooms. If you want to stay in the dorm, 
you must tell us in advance. Please contact me (mrailing2 at yahoo.com) or Olivia 
(oliviagreene1490 at yahoo.com ) and tell us which nights you need and whether you 
are male or female.

The most up-to-date version of the class schedule is on the Google calendar 

We have teachers coming from all over the county and beyond. The class schedule 
has something for everyone. You can brush up on old favorites, geek out about 
obscure sources, learn those pesky Italian steps no one in you area teaches, or 
learn about the history and social context of the dances we do. This event is 
not just for renaissance dance. We have belly dance classes, four classes on 
classical Indian dance, and a class on 16th century Persian dance. There are 
classes for musicians and singers, as well as dancers who want to learn more 
about music.

See our web site at www.kwdsviii.org or our facebook page 


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If you plan to stay in the on-site hotel for Known World Dance, note that the 
room block gets released May 30, i.e., 10 days from now. Please make your 
reservation directly with the hotel 
at http://www.imu.indiana.edu/hotel/rooms.shtml  or by calling 800-209-8145.  
Use the group code SCAC-11to get the group rate. Up to four people can stay in a 

room for the same price.

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