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Sure, I can elaborate.  (and it may just be my opinions on any influences)

On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 2:30 AM, Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:

> I should clarify that Known World Herald and Scribes Symposium is more
> socializing *for me*, because I've been a senior herald for a while.
> On Sun, 24 Jul 2011, David Learmonth <david.a.learmonth at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hmm, I remember speaking with the heralds back before we ran our
> > KWDS in Toronto a few years back, and I remember there being about 3
> > key differences between the two events, that would have some impact.
> > (correct me if I am mistaken)
> >
> > 1.  KWHS was a day or so shorter than KWDS.
> Yes, but would you expand on the effect?
Just meant there was more to organize, and also that in the grand scheme of
how much KW event per year, 3 to 4 days in 2 years is similar to 2 or 3 days
in 1 year.

> > 2.  The facilities required for a successful KWHS didn't sound quite
> > as extensive as for KWDS (many dance / music spaces, plus a grand
> > ball, which can put more burden on trying to coordinate the event.
> I'm afraid I don't see why.  Finding a site happens at the start of
> planning, and the constraint I see there is finding a site that fits
> KWDMS's special needs (several large rooms with suitable floors?), but
> I don't see why there's anything special about dealing with the site
> after that.
I've just found that finding a site is a challenge.  It took us quite a
while, and I figure that it is another factor that adds pressure to those
running the event.  But yes, once found then I guess it isn't so different.
 (I mean, with ours, the site coordination had to interact with 4 or so
departments at the university and such, so I think that there are further
jobs to do.  But mainly it was just that getting a site sorted out took
quite a while.  It is partly because we were basically looking kingdom-wide
for a site, and then to confirm the local group that would be helping to run
things.  This isn't always the case, (and we did have local groups scouted
out beforehand), but just more levels of approval and such to go through
with everything.)

> > 3.  Most importantly, as I understand it, SCA Kingdoms will actually
> > Sponsor their heralds to attend?
> I have not asked, but I have the impression that only a few make any
> contribution at all, considering kingdom budgets and the specialized
> purpose.
> > Dancers are typically all paying for all their own travel / lodging
> > / food / site fee expenses.  (often even those of us who are running
> > the event, and typically no teacher discounts either, since we're
> > all teachers).
> I've not heard of teacher discounts in the SCA.  (And I'm not a
> teacher, BTW.)
> There's another difference, but I don't think it makes much difference
> per se: I am told that suitable KWDMS sites are rare and expensive.
> But KWHSS's site fee is down in the $10 range, so a large chunk of the
> attendees (maybe half?) are local or from the host kingdom, so there's
> a track or two of beginner and intermediate classes.  But there are a
> good number of advanced and specialized classes too.
> > And, just to note, that Pennsic itself has tons of dancing, for
> > those who are looking to dance all day/night.  So it isn't like
> > there aren't other options on the off years.
> Wars are for those who can take a substantial chunk of time, who can
> carry/get equipment to camp or can find a hotel room (usually way off
> site), and (last time I was at Pennsic) are willing to pay a larger
> site fee than this last KWDMS.
Sure.  Although, I see no reason why someone couldn't attend Pennsic for
just a solid weekend of dancing, if that is the time that can be afforded.
 I've done it before.  But either way, there are some premier dance events
that also help fill the void.  (oh, and finding a hotel and such can be the
same issue with KWDS as well.  But sure, looking at the site fees, Pennsic
for only a few days would be more than KWDS.  However, if you are camping,
then the cost of Pennsic is way cheaper, since accommodations are typically
a large cost of KWDS.  Well that, and transportation, but that would affect
Pennsic too).

Now of course Pennsic is a different event for dancing.  But you can
certainly get a lot of it in there.  But we primarily run the 1 track of
dance classes.  (though, without a second space, it would be tough to run

Sorry if I said anything offensive regarding KWHS or anything.  I was just
relaying the information that previous Heralds had provided to me, and that
as I understood it, they were different events.  (and that this might have
an impact on the annual / biennial discussion)


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