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Oops.  Messages bounced.  (though later ones came through).  Anyway, here
was some of it from before.  :)

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Well, I'd say that I wouldn't want it to adversely affect their event either
way (in case it affects getting a site or local support or anything), but
yes, certainly my preference is to have it every 2nd year.

The main thing that makes this a great event is having all these wonderful
people there.  But many of us can't necessarily afford to travel each year,
OR we potentially have other activities we'd like to do, either in or out of
the SCA, on the off years.

I'm concerned that by making the event too frequent, we dilute its
significance, and next thing you know we have a basic run of the mill event.

Perhaps a compromise would be something like 2 years in a row, then skip a
year, or something like that.  I guess as long as it isn't set in stone that
it MUST happen every year.  Because honestly, I've seen so many dancers burn
out on their jobs and completely disappear after having done some of these
jobs year after year.

But I do realize that it can be difficult for a group to commit 4 or 6 years
in advance.  Unfortunately though, that appears to be one of the risks of
this event.  Just based on the bureaucracy involved, we know that bids take
potentially a year to be approved, and that the event has to be set up and
advertising by that time at the latest.

Anyway, to summarize:
- it is only special if lots of great people make it
- great people coming will inspire more great people to come
- but too frequently, and it will feel like an obligation, or just won't be
affordable, and we'll lose people
- and for the people running it, the crazy timelines are just something they
have to agree to when making the commitment
 (but fortunately, there is a growing pool of us who are willing to pass on
knowledge, and to help, to ensure this event's continued success!)

I do think that both Ohio, and New York, would benefit in attendance from
putting a spacer year between them.  But hey, perhaps Germany can look at
2015?  (if 2016 is too far on the horizon)

Oh, but I still will aim to attend NY, even if it still happens in 2013.  I
don't think it will be the end of the world.  But a 4th year after that I
think would be a definite mistake.  (though I am lucky to be within driving
distance of all the current events.  Not everyone out there is as fortunate)

P.S.  Oh, and the slightly different focuses of the events at least will be
handy to support them and encourage attendance, since Ohio has strong Middle
Eastern support, and NY has Music.  :)
Yay Dancing!

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 6:41 PM, Mary Railing <mrailing2 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> During the "future of KWDS" discussion, the question was raised as to
> whether the one after next year's event in Ohio should be in 2013 or 2014.
> In order to investigate sites, Mistress Deonna has to know which year she
> would be hosting the event in. At the time, there seemed to be a fair bit
> opinion that going back to a biannual event would be better, but people
> that it would be only fair that more people be allowed to give their
> Now, although there was a flurry of interest in the idea of a KWDS in
> Germany, there has been no discussion about the annual vs. biannual
> question. The original plan had been to discuss it here and then decide at
> meeting at Pennsic. When we did that before. people decided in advance on
> time and place to meet (in the dance tent before the Beginner's Ball). I'm
> not going to Pennsic, so I can't organize this. All I can do is encourage
> folks to make their preference known, either here or at Pennsic. It's only
> fair to future autocrats for us to try to come to some sort of consensus
> about this.
> Does anyone besides me care enough to express an opinion?
> --Urraca
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