[SCA-Dance] Hosting KWDS in Germany

D. Peters dpeters at panix.com
Thu Jul 7 11:56:38 EDT 2011


>> On Wed, Jul 6, 2011, Rachel/Judith wrote:
>> I saw my name mentioned in the minutes from the KWDS 
>> post-mortem, in reference to hosting a KWDS here in Germany. I 
>> actually have a 14th c. site here that would be idyllic for such a 
>> venture (depending on how many classes tracks we would run), with a 
>> 19th c. neogothic hostel with beds for only 14 EUR per night within 
>> five minute walking distance.

I would *love* to attend an event in a venue like that!

>> The question I have is: would it be worth hosting a KWDS over here? How 
>> many people would make the trip (for flight costs, it would be better 
>> to host it in Jan, Feb. or March)?

I actually like the idea of holding the event in the wintertime:  aside 
from having another opportunity to wear multiple layers of wool :-) the 
summer is so full of events and non-SCA festivals/workshops (not to 
mention that 800-lb canary in August) that it would be nice to have 
something at the other end of the year to balance it out.  For longer 
vacations I'm limited by my spouse's academic calendar, but the first half 
of January would fit nicely (classes don't start until after [US] MLK 
weekend).  I'm not acquainted with the German climate, but we spent the 
first half of January in England a few years back; not only was there no 
snow, but we had a couple days of "sweater weather" in London :-)

Per another poster's suggestion, late May/early June could also work, but 
runs the risk of conflicting with Kalamazoo at one end, and BEMF/BMFX at 
the other (which might be a concern for medievalists/early music people).

Just another data point (or several)--

"Les Connards M'Emmerde!!!"
         --Robichon de Guillaume

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