[SCA-Dance] Sca-dance Hosting KWDS in Germany

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 21:02:30 EDT 2011

I'd certainly be interested.  But just to mention, regarding your comment
about "KWDS in Lochac attracted very few people from outside the region", we
should probably confirm numbers on that, as a predictor of how many might
come.  Because I think it was more that you are suggesting.  (just not as
many as a KWDS in North America, especially more central to the midwest /
north east regions).

I thought the number of us who traveled was actually in the order of 30,
which isn't bad at all.  (if I am correct on that?  I'm trying to remember).

But yes, I definitely think it could be worth it.  You probably wouldn't get
the approximate 150 number that the recent ones got, but certainly 50 - 100
people.  With more info, we could try to narrow the estimate a bit.


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