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White, John white at drexel.edu
Wed Jul 6 17:21:06 EDT 2011

From: Judith [judithsca at aol.com]

    I saw my name mentioned in the minutes from the KWDS post-mortem, in reference to hosting a KWDS here in Germany. I actually have a 14th c. site here that would be idyllic for such a venture (depending on how many classes tracks we would run), with a 19th c. neogothic hostel with beds for only 14 EUR per night within five minute walking distance. The question I have is: would it be worth hosting a KWDS over here? How many people would make the trip (for flight costs, it would be better to host it in Jan, Feb. or March)? I recall that the KWDS in Lochac attracted very few people from outside the region. What do people think about attending such an event here in Europe?


I vote for Germany.  I was one of those who went to Australia - sometimes you need an extra push of a reason to go
somewhere you've always wanted to go.  Plan it for far enough in advance so people can save up money, and you
will have attendees from the States and elsewhere.  There are those who can't or won't go so far for such an event,
but there are also those who will go anywhere for such an event if they at all possibly can (the only KWDS I did not
attend in the past 10 years was Seattle, and that was because Dallas was under water).

In reality, holding events in diverse locations is one of the great things about KWDS.  Holding two KWDS events
one year apart and one STATE apart kind of defeats the purpose - who will travel the miles to Indiana that won't
do the same to Ohio?  If Indiana was too far, so is Ohio, which means that those who couldn't manage KWDS 8
probably can't manage KWDS 9.  That's not the same thing as not being able to go to Germany - and think how
many new people will be exposed to the wonderful research and sights of Germany, and vice versa (I'd hope),
if the premier dance event in the Known World is held in Germany some day.

       \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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