[SCA-Dance] Welsh mss c. 1595 lists dances from Gresley, Playford, Inns of Court

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Is this the same list of dances that was posted on SCA-Dance a while ago? (See 


Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 17:46:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Emil Stecher <svartorm at netaxs.com>
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Subject: Welsh Christmas Party playlist- 1595
This message was posted to the sca-minstrels list by Baroness Tangwystyl
verch Morgant Glas Vryn, OL. I thought it might be of interest to the
readers of this list since the article she discusses clearly documents
several Playford dances to period.
<SNIP of discussion of Welsh harp music>
Relevant to that, I thought I'd share something I came across while doing 
literature searches for my linguistic research. It's from the Bulletin of the 
Board of Celtic Studies (vol.8: pp.8-10), an article by Ifor Williams entitled 
"Cerddorion a Cherddau yn Lleweni, Nadolig 1595" (Musicians and Songs in 
Lleweni, Christmas 1595). It's a transcription of a list of performers and music 
performed at a Christmas celebration in northeastern Wales. The musicians have, 
in general, Welsh names (or Welsh-style) and most are designated "tylynior" 
(harper) or "prydydd" (poet). But the "play-list" is essentially entirely 
English -- excepting the occasional tune named after a Welsh town or nobleman. 
In fact, you'll recognize a lot of old friends.
Henwe y gwyr wrth gerdd a fu n lleweny wilie r natolic 1595 
[Names of the men of music who were in Lleweny at the feasts of Christmas 1595]:
Thomas ap Richard
Lewis penmon
Simunt vaughan prydydd
Rytherch dylynior
John llivon
Walter gruthor [i.e. "crwthwr", player on the crwth or crowd]
... gruthor
hughe penant prydydd
John Robert Telynior
Evan goch prydydd
John James Tylynior
Edward mechain Tylynior
[The tunes -- I've left the interpretation as a game for the reader]
Jonson his meddle
pinsinge the peticote
hatharne budes
donne right synior
grine slifes
who can tell
floweres of komfort
who can tell
floweres of komfort
hartes ease
blache smithe
the countese of lester dun~p
will stuard
clif his rounde
about the bankes
Broune smith
Robing hud
mi hill wheeler
the sycke manes health
lunden g*ge
tarlton trunke hose
pegi hath lost hur garter
light of love
hamlinton his health
light of love
hamlinton his health
halfe haniking
shifling the knave of klobes
gini gether payers
wite a westemaster
loth to depart
the begininge of the warld
the milner
the juge his danse
alen his flapes
alen his march
mistres wite his choyse
sweet barbera
jocand dary
hight for my tompens
makinge was a kuntraye mayd
blacke krooe fether
com hither or labeca
blacke krooe fether
com hither or labeca
hole in my heele
labandilo shot
pegi ramsdale
Rooe well yow mariners
woodes so wilde
staynes moris
soing of wootes
seedanen [one of the few possibly Welsh names -- this is probably "Sidanen", 
i.e., "the
          silken one", a Welsh nickname for Elizabeth I]
sundaye morning
peper is blac
can yow not hit it
woodes so wilde
cali his onestie
over the brode water
nwe moten or nova castrona
nwe moten or nova castrona
nwe antesvp
goe to bed sweet hart and I will com to thee
floures of the bromne
tom duf
mun dese
Rused and toni
the milner
tarleton is buten cape
the mar chent doghter
shaking of sheetes
nut meckes and ginger
the vicker of fooles
the crampe
mistres shandoes good night
listi galant
blacke almor
*even at ***ard
So based on this information, one highly authentic thing for a 16th century 
Welsh harper to be playing at a Welsh Christmas party is the Enlgish Top-40 of 
the day!
                            Barak Raz
                         (Emil M Stecher)
                         (svartorm at netaxs.com)

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Subject: [SCA-Dance] Welsh mss c. 1595 lists dances from Gresley, Playford, Inns 
of Court

Check out page 319 - 323 (note, this preview will only allow you a certain
number of page views, so don't do a lot of flipping back and forth)


A welsh mss from around 1595 has an informal list of dances and ballads -
includes hartes ease, halfe haniking, black almor [alman?] and more. 

the book this appears in is: Music in Welsh culture before 1650: a study of
the principal sources  By Sally Harper

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