[SCA-Dance] generic header

Mary Railing mrailing2 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 14:15:41 EST 2011

KWDS update:

We are starting to get some classes, but we could use a lot more, especially 
music classes. We could also use suggestions for classes. One thing that was 
suggested is a panel or roundtable on choreography. Bloomington is blessed with 
performers and academics specializing in Middle Eastern Music, so we're hoping 
to expand this part of the event.

We need to start working on budgets for things (like catered food) that depend 
on having an estimate of how many people are coming. I would love it if folks 
could let us know if you are planning to come, even if you haven't registered 
yet, and if you are planning to stay in the dorm, or our hotel block, or 
somewhere else. (Filling the hotel room block makes our meeting rooms cheaper.) 

Although I am a complete newbie about social media, I've set up a Facebook page 
I'm still not sure why this should be more convenient than email, but I hope 
those of you who are into Facebook will like it.



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