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The problem I found with trying to use Lupi is that although he defines some 
steps, he uses step names that are not defined. Writing in Parma, he further 
muddies the waters by saying that elsewhere "Where Zoppetto has been written, in 
some parts it is called tranghi, in place of scorsi, trito minuto, in exchange 
for dianetti diverse capriolette spezzati from one foot to the other, in place 
of a passo doppio is intended a seguito spezzato, in exchange for a seguito 
finto, is intended a seguito ordinario, that are done in all basse or 
Balletti..." [translation mine]  You have to hunt to find mutanze that don't use 
too many uncertain terms.


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Thanks for sharing! :)

Hay anyone actually worked on these masnuscripts? Is there anything online
about it? Living in the Canary Islands I have particular interest in
Canarios :)


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