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Mon Feb 14 16:31:48 EST 2011

> Hay anyone actually worked on these masnuscripts? Is there anything online
> about it? Living in the Canary Islands I have particular interest in
> Canarios :)

Del has published and taught some Canary material from this book.

Here's the Rendance bibliography entry for it:

   Lupi da Carravagio, Livio. Libro Di Gagliarda, Tordiglione, Passo E
       Mezzo, Cannarii E Passeggi... Palermo: G.B. Maringo, 1607;
       reprint, UMI,.
       Matt Larsen: This is a lengthy volume (about 300 pages)
       discussing, as the title suggests, galliards, tordions, passo e
       mezzo and cannaries. It opens with a short disscussion of steps
       and choreographies for two dances. The majority of the volume,
       however, is devoted to describing hundreds of short sequences of
       galliards, tordions, etc. These are apparently intended for use
       when one needed to "invent" a galliard or other variation. The
       reader would memorize and practice several passages from each
       section, so as to have them ready at need. It is difficult to
       imagine anyone memorizing all of the literally hundreds of
       variations offered here, but it is clear that no one would have
       been considered an accomplished dancer without knowing a few (or
       better yet, being able to invent them as needed). All in all, an
       interesting volume, but not as generally useful as either of
       Caroso's works or Negri's book. 

-- Gregory

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