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> For those that are worried that this might be spam (body content is
> mostly just a link to a website without much context) -- it isn't.

It would be a kindness to make that note by saying what it actually
*is*, for those of us who have never heard of "Lupi".  The page starts

     This is a facsimile copy of the 1607 edition of Livio Lupi da
     Caravaggio's book "Libro di Gagliarda, Tordiglione Passo e Mezzo
     Canari e Passeggi", taken from the microfiche copy in the New York
     Public Library.

     Download the entire book as a PDF (112MB -- you have been warned!)

     Click the images below to expand each page.

As the title indicates, it appears to be in Italian, which at the time
was a bunch of dialects of greater or lesser differences.

Daniel Lincolnia
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