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Sun Aug 28 16:23:53 EDT 2011

On Sun, 28 Aug 2011, Michael L. Squires <mikes at siralan.org> wrote:
> The usual input is for a microphone ("mic") input and a line level
> input, usually with XLR for the mic and 1/4" jacks for line level.
> The Alesis Sumo 300 combines a 4 channel mixer with some digital
> effects and tone controls, so they can be used as a small PA system.
> There are inexpensive adaptors which convert 1/4" mono ("TR" to
> musicians) to the 3.5mm stereo mini phone plug used by consumer
> equipment.  The Ion Block Rocker is the only one I've seen with RCA
> jacks and an iPod cradle.

I was going to replace much of the above starting with "line level"
(the first phrase that lost me) with "blah blah blah Ginger blah blah
blah Ginger", but I'm afraid that not enough people would remember the
Far Side cartoon or realize that I was thereby comparing myself with a
not very bright dog.

I have a laptop.  I have headphones with a small plug and I can plug
it into a little hole on the side that has a picture of headphones on
it.  I like the idea of speakers with batteries that could be used
outside or wherever, and bigger speakers with bass should sound good.
Could I hook up the little hole with the picture of headphones to one
of the big boxes that you talked about?  What would I plug into?

I bought some cheap small external speakers and I will try
them in an indoors practice.  But there are no batteries.

Daniel de Lindocollino, in words as close to one syllable as he can
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