[SCA-Dance] Powered speakers

Michael L. Squires mikes at siralan.org
Fri Aug 26 15:37:10 EDT 2011

Ion makes a battery-powered box called the "Block Rocker" which is really 
a small battery-powered keyboard amplifier.  This appears to be selling 
for about $180 new.  It is loud enough for even large rooms and the usual 
outside demo venue, and has an iPod jack (plus RCA inputs).

I noticed that many of the musicians at Pennsic were using a 
battery-powered keyboard amplifier from Roland which was suitable even for 
the Pennsic performance tent (medium size venue in a tent with no 
reflective walls).  I don't know anything about model or price, but it 
can't be cheap (nothing from Roland is really cheap).

On the other end - I now own an Alesis Sumo 300 keyboard amp.  It has a 
four-channel mixer, mic inputs, line level inputs, minimal EQ facilities, 
and a 300 watt power amp driving a 15" bass driver and horn HF driver.  It 
has wheels and a handle and is not very heavy, but is definitely not 
battery powered.  It can be slaved with another Sumo as a stereo PA 
system.  The Alesis Sumo 300 is no longer made, but can be found used for 

I have fond memories of a demo 30 years ago where we used a pair of 15" 
coaxial monitors driven by a Marantz 1060 power amplifier and cassette 
tape player.  The rock band nearby came over and asked us to turn down our 

Alan Culross

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