[SCA-Dance] Laptop music programs?

Aaron Macks upelluri at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 21:30:25 EDT 2011

we keep the library on a laptop, but actually just use an ipod as the
music-source at practice.  Even with a rather powerful (45w) speaker, I
can easily carry the entire kit on my back across town.  Even with our
rather large library a small, several-generations-old iPod has more then
enough space.


On 8/25/11 9:16 PM, Del wrote:
> I use Rhythmbox under Ubuntu.  It has a pretty good search function, and supports loading 
> multiple playlists, copying files between playlists, etc.  That's pretty useful if you're 
> lining up to teach dance at a few different events running where you think you will have 
> different levels of skill/experience present at each event.
> The laptop I use is an HP mini-netbook which is one of the models with an internal SSD disk 
> rather than a hard disk.  Limited in capacity but has extra USB ports for attaching larger hard 
> disks if you need them, and the SSD disk survives being bounced around between events a lot 
> better than a hard disk.  It's also very light and has lots of battery life.

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