[SCA-Dance] 9 verses of Rufty Tufty?!

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Sun Aug 7 18:47:30 EDT 2011

I'm ripping my tape copy of "Ansteorran Kingdom Dance Workshop July
1990" to my computer.

One track is Black Nag.  The version we often dance to (on CD) has 9
verses, where the set does one rep (3 verses), the first couple peels
off to the bottom, a second rep (3 verses), then the second couple
peels to the bottem, and a third rep.  Anyone have any idea why Marcus
il Volpe might have put a version with 8 reps on the tape?  My best
guess is that he was trying for 9 and miscounted.  (I'm going to try to
duplicate the last rep to pad it to 9.)

Rufty Tufty is in Playford with 3 verses.  The version of Rufty Tufty
he did has 9 verses with a topping of an outro of 16 beats!  Does
anyone have any idea what (per)version of Rufty Tufty had 9 verses?  I
don't see a way to do the Playford version (two couples facing) the
same way as with Black Nag: even if you swap partners at the end of a
rep, that's two reps when this tape has three.  In quick Googling, I
found a version that's for as many couples as will in a circle, but it
was still 3 verses and there was no progression.  The only
possibilities I can think of are
- he wasn't familiar with the dance
- there was a progressive version, perhaps based on the circle version

The few Google hits have a review that said that there was an
accompanying booklet, but I don't have it.

Danett de Lincoln
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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