[SCA-Dance] Did pavanes go away?

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Sat Aug 6 23:42:26 EDT 2011

"Wm..." said he was used to Reply-To going to the list, so I'm taking
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Ummm- granted I'm WAY out of the loop these days... I think the
problem with SCA choreographed pavanes are that they are usually much
more complex than pavanes found "in nature."  Earl of Salisbury's
Pavan was a Mabel Dolemitch "reconstruction" (more like a
choreography) based on the Quadran Pavan from the Inns of Court
Manuscripts. I personally love the dance, but I think as relatively
simple as it is, it still takes too many liberties with the pavane
form found in extant manuscripts.  (I hope it's still grandfathered in
for event dancing... )

As an over-generalization, perhaps with a grain of truth, most pavanes
in period were simple processional dances.  The complexity most dance
enthusiasts crave (and the complexity given to many SCA choreographed
pavanes) belongs more fittingly in the Italian repertoire, and since a
lot of scholarship and teaching has made a number of both 15th and
16th Century Italian dances popular, it has taken dance in that

Wm... (voice from the past)

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