[SCA-Dance] Did pavanes go away?

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Sat Aug 6 00:28:03 EDT 2011

I am looking at my tape of the "Ansteorran Kingdom Dance Workshop July
1990".  A fellow named Marcus il Volpe made a dance tape (all
synthesizer) of 28 dances.  This is the list on the label:

Side A:

 1. Hole in the Wall
 2. Earl of Salisbury Pavane
 3. Montard
 4. Maltese Bransle
 5. Hermit Bransle /
 6.     Burgundian Bransle /
 7.     Clog Bransle
 8. Horse Bransle
 9. Lazy Robin (damn, I like that dance!  Post-1940, alas)
10. Nonesuch
11. Gathering Peascods
12. Black Nag
13. Rufty-Tufty
14. Spagnoletto

Side B:
15. Dit de Bourgignon
16. Half Hannigan
17. Pepper's Black
18. La Pavanne Inconstante
19. Stirling Rant
20. Joyeaussance Vous Donnerais /
21.     Signature Pavanne
22. So Ben Mi Ch'a Buon Tempo
23. Catena d'Amore
24. Il Canario
25. Tourdion Magdelena
26.     & Basse Dance
27. Korobushka
28. Pavanne Venitzia

What immediately struck me was the number of pavanes.  If "So Ben Mi
Ch'a Buon Tempo" can be danced as a pavane (I only vaguely remember
it), that's 5?  I think this is my only recording that has any
pavanes.  I tried to think back to the last time I've done a pavane at
an SCA event ... I don't think I've done it in years.  Maybe Earl of
Salisbury a few years back at Terpsicore?  But when I was starting in
dance in the mid-90s in Dallas, we did Earl of Salisbury, Mannschaft,
So Ben?, pretty regularly.

Was that just an unusual repetoire for the time?  If not, what

Danett de Linccolne
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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