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To all who read these words, may it be known that the Grand Ball, held in the barn of the town of Pennsic on Tuesday, August 9th of the 2011th year of the Incarnation, shall be a colour ball in the tradition of the court of Lord Phillip, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Charolais, etc., and that the colors shall be white and red to create a resplendent ambiance in the darkness of the evening. Don garments of one or both colors and come and dance away the evening! (the wearing of red and white is not a requirement for participation, merely an attempt to add flair to the proceedings). 

If you do not know how to dance, fear not! The Pennsic Academy of Dance offers w ide variety of beginner dance classes, plus Ball Prep classes to enable you to at least fake it well on the dance floor. Visit http://pennsicdance.aands.org/ for more information.


Tentative list of dances: 

1651 English: New Boe Pepe, Gathering Peascods, Hearts' Ease, Rufty Tufty, Parson's Farewell, Chestnut, 
1651 English: New Boe Pepe, Chestnut, Whirligig, Gathering Peascods, Hearts' Ease, Rufty Tufty, Parson's Farewell, Jenny Pluck Pears, Hyde Park
15th c. English: Lybens Dysonis, Grene Gynger 
15th c. French: Danse de Cleves & Pas de Brabant/Saltarello 
15th c. Italian: Marchesana, Petite Rose, Amoroso, Gelosia, Anello, (improvised) Saltarello, Chirintana, Rostiboli Gioioso, Lauro, Petits Vriens, Piva 
16th c. English: Madame Sosylia’s Almain, Old Almain, Black Almain, Lorrayne Almain, Pavanne & Galliard 
16th c. French: Galliarde a la Lyonaise, Double Bransle Suite, Cassandra Bransle Suite, Official Bransle, Horse's Bransle, Washerwoman's Bransle, Bransle de Malte, Pease Bransle, Montarde Bransle, Mystery Suite (i.e., dancers will have to attend the music), 
16th c. Italian: Gracca Amorosa, Villanella, La Castellana, Ballo del Fiore, Bizzaria D'Amore, Lo Spagnoletto, Bella Gioiosa, Contrapasso in Due

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