[SCA-Dance] Calling for Contra

Sarah Kaiser sarahkaiserstl at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 11:07:43 EDT 2011

I agree with Uracca and would focus on dances that have strong figural
elements. A few that spring to mind are Whirlygig, Nonesuch,
Newcastle, Boteman, Picking of Sticks, Saturday Night, Sunday Morn, My
Lady Cullen, and Grimstock.
Calling by figure rather than count is a difference too that I find
takes a stronger shared vocabulary between caller and dancer butcan
really help a conta or ceili dancer feel more in the confort zone.
It really may be a language barrier more than a skill barrier, much
like SCA fans if ECD seem to sometimes have with similarly complex
Itallian dances.

Just my 3.5 cents

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