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I agree that it is a fun dance, but it is not forgiving, especially on
the "cross to a line" figures, the entire set needs to be in sync.

Out of curiosity, how do you teach the third chorus:

The second couple take both hands and slip up whilst the first couple
take both hands and slip down, holding hands so still, both couple slip
together. Set and turn single.


On 4/24/11 6:05 PM, Gwommy 'Bill' Holderman wrote:
> I'd suggest My Lady Cullen. Even though it's longer than most dances,
> if you're calling it similar to how contra dances are called, then it
> should be fine.
> --Gwommy
>> Oh, and I hadn't been thinking about it earlier, but if you are looking for
>> some other later ECD to use, there are some nice progressive ones with good
>> recordings:
>> Jamaica  (although there are 2 separate progressions, so that can sometimes
>> be confusing)
>> Trip to Kilburn   (progressive, but for sets of 3 couples)
>> Oh, and Easter Thursday was beautiful.  I'm just trying to remember all of
>> these.  I learned them in 1999, from an SCA group in Calgary, where they had
>> a mix of SCA period, and later ECD dances.
>> Oh, and thank you Katherine for the lesson!  :)
>> Darius
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