[SCA-Dance] Suggestions Wanted

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 17:49:05 EDT 2011

Oh, and yes, I definitely agree that part of the nature of Contra is rather
appealing, in that you don't need a lot of teaching to then get to dance
quite a vigorous / exciting dance, for a long period of time.  Probably like
you say, a combination of not so many required figures, and of course the
nature of progressive dances in general.  (I often figure that might be part
of Hole in the Wall's appeal).

It is this sort of thing that partially inspired me to play with some of my
recent dance classes.  But of course, for those who've attended my
"classes", they really do require some experience in our styles of dancing.
 Too new a person would likely get overwhelmed / frustrated.

Oh, and I hadn't been thinking about it earlier, but if you are looking for
some other later ECD to use, there are some nice progressive ones with good
Jamaica  (although there are 2 separate progressions, so that can sometimes
be confusing)
Trip to Kilburn   (progressive, but for sets of 3 couples)

Oh, and Easter Thursday was beautiful.  I'm just trying to remember all of
these.  I learned them in 1999, from an SCA group in Calgary, where they had
a mix of SCA period, and later ECD dances.

Oh, and thank you Katherine for the lesson!  :)

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