[SCA-Dance] Seeking SCA Dance Instructors for Formal in Halifax, PA

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 04:04:17 EDT 2011

Actually, I do like dancing Horse's Bransle, as a mixer  (each person facing
their partner, so you end up with a circle with ladies on the inside and
lords outside, and progressing 1 person each time through the dance).  It is
easy enough for younger dancers to learn, and it gets them dancing with a
bunch of people, and hopefully feeling confident doing it.

A few other bransles can be quite simple as well.  I'd just say that they
shouldn't be discounted.

But certainly, I use Inns of Court / Old Measures, along with ECD.

Petit Vriens is fairly accessible as well.

Just my two cents.  :)   Good luck with it!  I'm a bit too far away to help
this time around  (it is funny that us dancers all consider "within the
region" to be basically "in the same quadrant of the continent")


On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 1:09 PM, <yves.de.fortanier at comcast.net> wrote:

> Bonjour Lady Avelina, I'm in the region (as long as one counts the Eastern
> US as a region... *hee*) and I led something quite similar for a younger set
> of students two years ago.
> I would recommend having more Old Measures and Playford dances than
> branles.
> A few questions for your consideration. How much practice time can you get
> with them beforehand? How many dances do they want to learn? Are you going
> have teaching at the ball?
> Yves
> South Downs, Meridies
> p.s. I'll send a separate message to the "amulder13" address
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> Subject: [SCA-Dance] Seeking SCA Dance Instructors for Formal in Halifax,
> PA
> Unto the dance community Lady Avelina del Dolce sends her greetings,
> Lady Sol la Cantor and I are dance instructors in the center of
> Pennsylvania. We
> have been approached by a group of mothers coordinating a ball for a group
> of
> their home-schooled high school students in Halifax, PA. The group is
> looking
> for SCA dance instructors for their ball in May. We are looking for 3 - 4
> more
> people to help instruct, since 60 students are attending this affair. It's
> on
> Thursday, May 12th from 6:00 - 10:00 PM. We are discussing teaching
> bransles,
> but are open to other suggestions of any gentles in this region, or
> surrounding
> areas, who wish to join us. Please contact: amulder13 @ gmail.com if you
> are
> interested or have questions.
> Per l'amore del ballo!
> Lady Avelina del Dolce
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