[SCA-Dance] Pennsic Dance thanks

Rachel/Judith judithsca at aol.com
Wed Oct 20 09:55:45 EDT 2010

    I just realized that the thank-you note I had written for this year's Pennsic Dance never reached these channels. I would hereby like to rectify that.
     This past Pennsic Dance was another extremely successful two weeks of dancing joy. We all owe a great debt of gratitude for Gwommy, who fulfilled the role of head Dance Pavilion Acolyte to perfection. He set up the floor, nearly single-handedly, and coordianted its dissassembly. Even though he did not have to, he ensured that we had ice and water, that the tent was opened and closed; he kept statistics, helped lead dancing in the evening, and filled in wherever help was needed. He was truly a right-hand man, and provided indespensible support.

      I would also like to thank my drop-dead-deputy, Messer Lorenzo, who helped with class scheduling, acted as Master of Ceremonies for the 1503 ball, and provided me with council when needed.

Huge thanks go to Baron Stefan of Cambion fo rhaving SINGLE-HANDEDLY built all of those beautiful medieval tressle benches for the dance pavilion. They made a huge difference, Stefan!

      Lord Aaron worked assumed the huge task of organizing musicians at Pennsic, and printed the Pennsic Piles himself; thank you, sir! You did a fine job.

      Master Octavio once more wrangled the contents of the Pennsic Pile, which is rapidly becoming the definitive document of dance music in the SCA.

      Master Gregory Blount has also earned my thanks; as usual, he handled the website, with all of its updates, and did a very thorough proffing of our schedule versus the Pennsic U. schedule to ensure that correct information was disseminated.

     My appreciation also to Lady Katherine Mercer and Lady Sonja; Katherine ran the 16th c. ball, and Sonja ran the beginner's ball, which was, as usual, our biggest social event, even bigger than the Grand Ball this year, I think.

     Thanks to all the musicians who volunteered their precious time for us dancers; live music makes the dancing SO MUCH more enjoyable for us all.

      Pennsic Dance is a truly community affair, and the Dance Pavilion is kept running by numerous people who inhabit it and ensure provide ad-hoc support as needed. These include, but are not limited to: Lady Robyn, Lord Jaime, Lady Capricia, Lady Chiffon, Lord Maurin, Lady Wendy, Lord George, and Lord Guillaume are especially prominent.

I have tried to name all those who contribute, but I am certain that I have missed people. Please do not be offended - I really do appreciate it all.

Next year, bigger, better, with more special effects!


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