[SCA-Dance] no more kwdsvii.org website

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 02:01:49 EST 2010


Yeah, I'd been meaning to migrate it.  I actually had big plans, and had
just been busy this season.

I was actually intending to just buy the www.kwds.org website itself, and to
have a main status update page, that could then link to anyone else's KWDS
pages, past, present, future.

And, in fact, I wanted to then make the space available that any future
KWDSes that wanted to just host in that space itself, could do so, without
the additional costs of having to get their own space and their own domain.

And finally, I was going to fix up the pages that we had hacked together,
that were based on another classes event up here, to make an actual Generic
KWDS classes smart linking page, that future KWDSes could use without having
to re-code it each year.
(I had even spoken with Felice and Michel about this aspect, and had meant
to see if they were still interested in using it)

Basically, I just saw that in the enormity of tasks of running KWDS, that
this was one area that should be very easy to automate, to save time and
costs for everyone else in the future, if they so desire.  Yay efficiency!

Now I have started on this idea, and it has been on the tip of my brain for
a while now  (week to week I keep saying I'm going to get it done, and have
been intending to before the year is out).  Life has just been quite busy
lately, but a lot of what I want to do really shouldn't take me too much
longer to do.

Greg, thank you for bringing it up.  As you can guess, I certainly had
thought of you and your site as a natural host for this.  And I didn't want
to step on your toes from a web hosting point of view.  I just wanted to
continue to use what I learned to help the society, and I wanted to be a
part of it.

So, now that I've laid my plans bare, I guess I can put it out there as an
option.  I'd still like to do it, and I promise I would get it done fairly
soon.  (by Christmas anyway)  However, if the group has a better idea of
what to do, or thinks that others should do it, I am amenable to that.

I just felt silly for not thinking of it when I first set up the #7
website.  But then hey, there were more critical objectives at that moment
than planning for numbers 8, 9, 10, etc.  :)

P.S.  Cost-wise, I have no issue.  I already have unlimited webspace that is
pretty fast for my own business.  It is only the cost of the domain name,
which is like, $10 a year, and I have no issue with covering that.  And once
it is up and running, keeping it up to date with status updates should not
be an involved issue, and if other KWDSes want to host from that space, I'll
give them proper FTP access to do things themselves.

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 8:31 PM, Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com> wrote:

> The domain name seems to have expired. It would be nice if the history
> of what classes were taught was preserved. I'd be happy to host. Ditto
> for any other old KWDS info.
> -- Gregory
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