[SCA-Dance] Christmas Music

Shannon Sterne stpltly at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 09:28:18 EST 2010


Has anyone attempted to match traditional, modern Christmas music with SCA 

We are planning dance for our Barony's Yule Revel and thought it might be fun to 
do some performance pieces to Christmas music. We would use 
only medieval-sounding songs. For example, I have "Deck the Halls" played on a 
Celtic harp and "O Holy Night" by the Vienna Boys Choir, plus about a dozen 
others that may be appropriate. And yes, we have "Greensleeves." 

But I thought I would check and see if anyone has already tried this, and knows 
which dances match well with which songs, before I sit down and begin to do the 
analysis myself.

Many thanks,

Sibylla of Amasya
Dance Guild Mistress
Barony of the Cleftlands
(Cleveland OH)

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