[SCA-Dance] Some images from MSEng 1356

White, John white at drexel.edu
Wed May 12 15:00:53 EDT 2010

> From: Aaron Macks 
> Take 2, I had apparently skipped pp 50-51 in the last batch(thanks to
> Dafydd for noticing), so all the numbers were shifted down 2.  The real
> 50-51 are uploaded, meaning that NOW everything is uploaded, and the
> document ends with page 66.
> GunDormr
The rest of the raw transcription is done, and is here:


I still need to go back and change formats of the old stuff, which
also involves doing a more "correct" transcription (with the superscripts
and all).  

The next step is to proofread (with help, if possible), correct, and then
create a proper project website so that analysis can begin!  How soon do
you think folks will be teaching dances a la Lovelace?!?  (If I was going
to Pennsic, I'd be doing it then for sure!!)

      \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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